Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good week for the spotted boy!

Steeler has been a very good puppy this week! Tuesday night in class he did a great job. We worked on a lead out that is a little bit tough for Steeler - but when I went back and back chained it he had no trouble with it. We then had a little bit of trouble with a tunnel trap because I was going too far into the pocket - but we worked that out as well. Here is his second run through our little course. I really feel like things are coming together in his little spotted brain! Unfortunately Summer is coming to an end so it is getting dark much sooner these days so I don't know that the video quality will be that great!

Today I took Steeler to an APDT Rally Training Party that a friend had organized. It was fun! The APDT signs are a little bit different from AKC Rally - and in my humble opinion - more fun as well. APDT actually has some of the advanced obedience exercises in the rally courses. So things like signals, moving stands ... you know - the fun stuff! We did a level two course and a level three course today. We had a little bit of a rocky start - but once I figured out that - 1. I was a bit nervous, and 2. that Steeler knew that I was "worried" I increased his rate of reinforcement and he than worked very happily! There are some things that Steeler is not quite ready for - like the signals exercise in level three, and the drop on recall exercise. But we worked on things just slightly modified. And I think I have been talked into trying a APDT Rally Match next weekend up in NH. Oh boy!
Run #1

Run #2

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  1. He looks great Jenn! NICE job team spotty! :)