Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Back!

So the move is over. I still have a garage full of stuff to unpack and find a home for, but other than that things are settling down.  Logan is still a little bit stressed, but hopefully will start to feel better soon.  Meanwhile, amidst the chaos of moving Steeler has been catching most of his obedience classes and a few of his agility classes.  We were at least able to catch run thrus a couple of weekends ago at the barn.  We also took a ride out to Fitchburg to catch a show and meet my friend Dawn's new puppy.

I also signed him up for a class at Nevins Farm.  It's just a "Beyond Manners" class on Saturday afternoons, but I thought it would be good to expose him to some new environments and new dogs.  We had our first class last Saturday, and while it was pretty basic stuff it was good for Steeler.  There were two Swiss Mountain Dogs and a Maltese in the class with us.  We worked on loose leash walking, recalls with distractions, and the Look at That game.  We also worked on a new trick.  I've never actually taught Steeler how to "wave" or "shake" so that is what I was going to work on.  I started with trying to shape just lifting a paw up.  It's tough!  Steeler is very quick and if I am not quick he starts going into his repertoire of tricks to try to get me to click.  I really need to put some more of his tricks on cue! 

I also took Logan and Steeler snow shoeing and Steeler got to meet my friend's year old whippet, Poppy for the first time.  Steeler had a blast!  He was very good with Ms. Poppy, even with her jumping on his head several times.  However I think that Logan's snow shoeing days are over.  At least when there is a lot of snow.  It's hard for me to believe that she is going to be 13 soon.

We are also starting to think about going to the DCA National.  I was debating signing him up for his first Novice Obedience run, but instead I think we are going to do pre-novice, and advanced rally.  And agility of course!  Steeler and I will go with my friend Dawn and her dogs.  I can't wait!