Sunday, October 20, 2013

long overdue update ....

Hi Everyone! 

Steeler here.  Mom has been a very bad blogger so I decided to step in and at least give everyone an update on what we have been up too.

I'll start with the big news ..... I have a baby sister!!!!  I wasn't really sure about her to begin with but Mom is always telling me how happy she is that Indie and I are friends.  Mom says Indie is a Labrador and that she will only be with us for a couple of years before she goes to live with someone else.  She is hopefully going to be a service dog for someone with multiple sclerosis. 
Indie came home in February - so she is almost 10 months old already. 
Now for the really important stuff - ME!!!!  Mom and I took a break from obedience stuff for a long time.  Especially after Indie came.  She didn't know anything so she needed a lot of training time.  I continued to have fun in my agility class and we've also been doing some nosework and tracking.   Tracking made me really itchy this summer - so we haven't done too much of that recently.  But I am so smart that I decided to combine nosework and tracking .... I can find odor by following our teacher's footsteps!!!!  Mom wasn't as impressed as I thought she would be and she and Michele started throwing tins around so I couldn't track them.
I also went back to the obedience ring last month!  I finished my beginner novice title at the end of September with a second place!  I also stepped back into the rally ring (now it is WCR instead of APDT) and Mom has decided we can play around with that again.  I did my very first level 3 run in September at a trial near home and I must have done really well cause Mom was really happy and I got a blue ribbon!!!!  We have another WCR trial coming up in November.  Mom may even let me do agility sometime soon.  I've been doing really well in class with distractions!  Mom has trouble keeping up with me so we are working a lot on distance work while Mom tries to figure out what is going on with her breathing problems!
Steeler's Beginner Novice title with Judge Tibby Chase
I guess I could also update you on Keegan .....  He is doing pretty well for almost 14 years old - he'll be 14 in February!  He can be a little bit cranky these days, he really doesn't want to play too much any more.  He played with Indie when she first came but now she is too big and too rambunctious - at least that is what Mom says.  Keegan has been to two nosework trials with Mom.  He did pretty well in both - passed 3 of 4 elements.  He really likes doing nosework but he gets tired with these all day affairs.  Mom says she may try one more trial with him if there are any close to home next year if he seems to be doing well.  But I may get to go to a nosework trial next year too! 
So that's the basic update!  Now I need to go check on my other spotty friends on the web!
Take care everyone!!