Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a weekend

Well I finally did it .... a classmate goaded and taunted me until I actually entered Steeler in an agility trial.  :-)  So this weekend Steeler competed in his first "real" AKC trial in Falmouth at the Cape Cod Kennel club show.  It was a three day trial and I decided that if I was going to enter I might as well enter everything.  Friday was Novice FAST, Novice Standard and then Novice Jumpers.  I think we finished around 6PM and it was a COLD and windy day.  Steeler had some nice moments in all of his classes, but did a LOT of visiting with the ring crew in his FAST and Standard runs.  He did however Q in Jumpers with weaves.  YAY!  I was exhausted by the time we got home!  Saturday was another long day, but it wasn't quite as cold and windy.  Today we actually were finished by 3 PM I think since we just had Standard and Jumpers.  Friday's video's are below - but if you want to check out the rest of the weekend - check out our youtube channel.

novice standard -

novice FAST -

And here is Novice Jumpers with weaves for a Q and second place

All things considered - we had a great weekend!  Steeler Q'd twice in Jumpers with a second and third place, he didn't leave the ring, he didn't get snarky with any dogs and he was good hanging out ringside.  Now we just need to work on visiting the ring crew.