Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rest in Peace my sweet girl! Logan 3/21/98 - 1/28/12

 My sweet little girl lost her battle tonight. She's had a rough couple of months.  I am not sure what she was battling, but it doesn't matter now.  Now she can run pain free and breath easy. 
she put up with just about anything

I hate winter!
She was my first dog, and of course I got her for all the wrong reasons.  We went to the shelter just to "look."  I had just been laid off, so obviously it was a perfect time to get a dog.  She was all alone in her kennel and she was just so cute that I couldn't resist her. She and her littermates had been dumped at the animal shelter because they had come down with coccidia.  Logan taught me about dogs in general and what owning a dalmatian was all about.   We started a general pet obedience class together and soon moved on to agility.  She was never an agility superstar - she did agility because she enjoyed being with me.  Her favorite course was USDAA Jumpers!  She could really fly when she wanted to - and even better no weave poles in jumpers!  She always did try to entertain the crowd a little though. 

She loved to run in the woods, and never met a dog she couldn't play with.  She alway knew just what to do if a dog was scared or nervous about meeting other dogs.  She especially loved the big dogs!  We used to run into a guy walking his great dane - oh it was so entertaining to watch them play!  As a TDI test dog she had to be told that she couldn't flirt with the other dogs while doing the test.  She was supposed to be a neutral dog!

the original trio
She loved almost everyone - the couple of times that I remember she didn't like a person, I heeded her wisdom - especially since this usually happened in the woods while I was walking with her, Keegan and Puka alone.

If I stare at this piece of cheese hard enough - someone will give it to me!

Because of Logan I have friends I never would have met otherwise.  I will miss you my sweet little girl.