Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rest in Peace my sweet girl! Logan 3/21/98 - 1/28/12

 My sweet little girl lost her battle tonight. She's had a rough couple of months.  I am not sure what she was battling, but it doesn't matter now.  Now she can run pain free and breath easy. 
she put up with just about anything

I hate winter!
She was my first dog, and of course I got her for all the wrong reasons.  We went to the shelter just to "look."  I had just been laid off, so obviously it was a perfect time to get a dog.  She was all alone in her kennel and she was just so cute that I couldn't resist her. She and her littermates had been dumped at the animal shelter because they had come down with coccidia.  Logan taught me about dogs in general and what owning a dalmatian was all about.   We started a general pet obedience class together and soon moved on to agility.  She was never an agility superstar - she did agility because she enjoyed being with me.  Her favorite course was USDAA Jumpers!  She could really fly when she wanted to - and even better no weave poles in jumpers!  She always did try to entertain the crowd a little though. 

She loved to run in the woods, and never met a dog she couldn't play with.  She alway knew just what to do if a dog was scared or nervous about meeting other dogs.  She especially loved the big dogs!  We used to run into a guy walking his great dane - oh it was so entertaining to watch them play!  As a TDI test dog she had to be told that she couldn't flirt with the other dogs while doing the test.  She was supposed to be a neutral dog!

the original trio
She loved almost everyone - the couple of times that I remember she didn't like a person, I heeded her wisdom - especially since this usually happened in the woods while I was walking with her, Keegan and Puka alone.

If I stare at this piece of cheese hard enough - someone will give it to me!

Because of Logan I have friends I never would have met otherwise.  I will miss you my sweet little girl.


  1. Oh, Jenn, so sorry about Logan. I didn't really know her other than through your blog, but she must have been a special girl. I hope she meets up with our Dottie and Tigger at the Rainbow Bridge...I know they'd be fast friends! Kinda hard to give you a hug over the internet, but our thoughts are with you. I have no doubt that Logan enjoyed a wonderful life.

  2. Thanks Lisa! She has many friends to run at the bridge with and I am sure she will enjoy a couple more! She was having trouble breathing Thursday night, went to the vet on Friday morning. My vet did not like the look of the x rays and sent me to the ER vet to get a cardiac ultrasound. Unfortunately, though they were able to rule out heart involvement they were unable to rule out any of the pulmonary problems my vet was worried about. She was so stressed out being there, and the had initially taken her and put her in a crate - she was so stressed - barking and trying to get out, that I told them to let her wait for the ultrasound with me. They really didn't know what was wrong - so I opted to take her home with antibiotics and hope that it was pneumonia. Unfortunately it was just not to be. She slipped away peacefully in my arms Saturday night.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Logan. She was a really beautiful girl. They just don't live long enough.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, Jenn. (((hug)))

  5. thanks ladies ... it still hurts to think about too much.... but I know time will help. She was such a good girl! I was so lucky to have her for my first dog!