Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ok - once again I am behind in my posting. How on earth did it become September already? *sigh* Lots of stuff going on around here, not all of it dog related. Work is totally crazy at the moment - feels like we are starting our end of year rush to get stuff done a bit early! And it seems like the past couple of months I have spent several days driving to Cambridge for various and assorted science things. Pembroke to Cambridge is not really a fun commute! Thank goodness for Danielle next door who comes over to let the dogs out after school. On top of all the craziness at work, my grandmother fell a couple of weeks ago and though she managed to get up she still didn't feel well and my parents ended up calling the ambulance to come take her to the emergency room. Turns out she had 4 fractured ribs (or was it 5?) On a CAT scan there was no signs of a stroke but they did an MRI and found "water on the brain" ..... at least that is what my mom reported back from the neurologist. So now she is at a nursing home/rehab facility a few miles from my parents. I will hopefully be able to get up there this weekend again to see her. She was doing pretty well when I went up a couple of weekends ago - pretty resigned to realizing that she can't really live alone any more. Mom says she is doing even better now. So hopefully we can get her involved in some activities as well. More on dog related activities tomorrow!


  1. Jenn, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope things settle down soon. I can't believe it is September - and half-way through to boot!

  2. Thanks Julie - things seem to be settling down and she is doing much better now. It is a little bit hard because mentally she is still pretty with it .... just physically she really can't live alone anymore. :-( Now if work would settle down too ....