Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Latest Training stuff with Steeler

So Steeler has been up to the usual stuff the last few weeks and a couple of new things. We went up to Keene NH for an APDT Rally match that was a lot of fun! Long ride for 2 runs ... but my friend Karen wanted to go - and she offered to drive! Steeler did GREAT! It was a totally new place for him, and while the crowd for the Rally match wasn't huge - it was at the Monadnoc Humane Society - so there were lots of people wandering around and barking dogs. I entered Steeler in 2 level 2 runs - Level two has a few exercises that we haven't worked on much yet - but I thought it would be a good thing for us. Of course the minute I stepped in the ring I realized I was WAY more nervous than I thought I would be! *sigh* I had every intention of doing the entire run off leash - but there were a couple of golden's ringside that Steeler was eyeing so I started on leash and then took the leash off at the first exercise that had a sit in it. Of course Steeler had to go explore a bit ... we really need to work on this! I was talking to my obedience instructor about it and she thinks at this point it is not about the treats that I do or don't have. So I will be thinking about that. This Sunday Steeler is entered in another APDT Rally Show n Go with 2 level 2 runs - but it is at our regular training center - so I expect that I will not be as nervous and Steeler will be more comfortable there. This time I will remember the video camera!

Obedience class and agility class continue to go well. Steeler had some really nice heeling and really nice stays this week. And my agility instructor thinks that I should actually enter Steeler in a trial!!!!! OMG - an actual trial?????


  1. Yay Steeler! Jen, do you have any one ring trials around that you could enter? I think he could totally do it! :)

  2. I think we have a few NADAC trials in October that are one ring trials - with 2 rings. But only one ring running at a time. I think he could do it if I didn't get so nervous!