Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tuesday Agilty Class

So once again I am running behind on posting. :-) Oh well. I am taking a video camera to agility class and using it when I can. Mother nature conspires against me often with rain or mist though. Last class I did get some video though. I knew that my handling had slipped a lot from the days of competing with Logan and Keegan ... but when Catie said I was bending too much I didn't realize just how much bending I was doing until I watched the video! OH MY!!!! Steeler's handler has some work to do! You can watch the video here. It was a tough course for me .... and for Steeler too. We had done a lot of baby agility work between 2 months and 9 months old, but after that we took a long break and just did some private lessons and an occassional class here and there until a few months ago.

Also at this class - Steeler's "sit" at the start line seemed to really fall apart. I have no idea what was up with that. And then my brain fizzled. I had asked him to sit, but he didn't sit ... well now what ... pull out a cookie? Help him sit????? My brain just fried! LOL I don't usually manhandle my dog so much. But like I said - I was feeling a little frazzled!

I also discovered that if I put Steeler in a sit/stay while walking the course without tethering him to something he will stay there ... but having the ability to move (ie not tethered) means he doesn't feel the need to bark. Hmmmm .... you suppose he is anxious about being tethered?

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am following all of this and how pleased I am with Steelers progress. Can't wait until you two are out there competeing in agility. LaDonna