Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Totally awesome class tonight!

Steeler had a totally awesome class tonight. We were working a sequence of 10 obstacles - haven't looked at the video yet to see how much of it I got on tap though. The first really cool thing for Steeler and I tonight was that I grabbed his ratty old tug toy on a rope out of the back of the van for class because I forgot his frisbee - and Steeler played a rousing game of tug with me. In fact he was so into his tug that when I hid it on the course he couldn't run with me at all. Silly boy. He was all over the place looking for his tug! So Catie had me bring him back and run with the tug in my hand. She said - don't worry about the whether or not he has the self control to run with it out there but not in my hand for now. That even running with the tug in my hand will help build some self control. I am totally psyched about his wanting the tug - because previously he (hmm or is it me???) hasn't been relaxed enough to play with me.

So the first bit of the sequence wasn't too hard - tunnel to the poles to the aframe. I need to work on Steeler getting some independent obstacle performance on it - but once I figured out that I was changing the picture too drastically he nailed his contact. Then starts the harder stuff. I really thought that going from the Aframe to the next jump was going to be an issue - but surprise surprise - when I keep my arm out he understood to come over the jump to me instead of just coming to me ... so lets see ... 4 to 5 were jumps ... They were side by side - so that would make it a 180? then the plan was to come in between the jumps and head straight out to jumps 6 and 7. Handling it that way made the line to 6 and 7 a straight line even though the jumps were angled. What we were supposed to be working on was sending over jump 7 - keeping the arm out (no words) to support jump #8. Then Jump 8 to the shoot to a front cross on the landing side of jump 10.

Even with the humidity up here in the northeast - Steeler was MOVING for class!!!! I am just so pleased with him! :-) Video is going to have to wait till tomorrow though. I need to be at work early tomorrow which means I really need to go to bed!

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  1. It sounds like this class is really working for you guys on so many levels. That is awesome!