Friday, August 14, 2009

Distance work!

So this week at class we worked on distance work. Hopefully the links to the videos work. They can also be found on Youtube - search for agilitydal! So - Distance with sending to jumps and tunnels, sending to the weaves, and distance from the contact obstacles. The first exercise we worked was at full spotty speed over jumps and into a tunnel, over another jump and into a tunnel and then back. It was harder than it looked! We had a lot of trouble with the reverse trip - but I think I know what need to do now to get the path that I want and send Steeler in the correct tunnel entrance. Now I just need to set it up and practice! First I need to mow the lawn though. I tried to stay conscious of remaining upbeat and connected with Steeler throughout the class as well.

Next up was a weave pole exercise. We haven't worked the weave poles much lately and I don't think that I have ever worked entries that extreme with him either. He didn't have a ton of speed going through the poles - but once he realized that is what I wanted him to do he was willing to give it a try. Right before we started the exercise Laurie asked me if I wanted her and Solo to move ... and of course until she said something I hadn't given it a thought! She stayed where she was - and while Steeler was a bit confused at first - he had no interest in bothering solo.

The last thing we did was a quick exercise with the contacts. I was really pleased with his contact behavior - but we definitely need some distance work!

I think Caties class is really starting to pay off for us. When steeler was a puppy I did a lot of foundation stuff with him, but then I didn't really find a good class for us until this summer. The class I was in before just didn't have enough instruction for us! I need the reminders to stand up straight and get my cues out sooner .... etc ... and some one to yell at me when I grab at Steeler. I think Steeler is happy here too! And I decided that he was doing well enough that I should try Caties USDAA games/FAST seminar coming up on the 23rd. OH BOY!!!! 12 working teams .... OH BOY!!!! and the good thing is that it is at the barn in Duxbury which is 10 minutes from my house!!!! So no travel time! YAY.


  1. Yeah!! Congrats on the good class! And go for it at the seminar, have a terrific time!! :-)

  2. Great videos, Jenn! Nice work with Steeler. Distance is always a challenge, but, oh, so wonderful when it works! It's always fun to watch a dog/handler team who have good distance skills. Jazz is quite a ways from that for now, but Tess is making big improvements in that area.

    Keep up the great work. Steeler obviously enjoys agility!

  3. Thanks Katrin! I wish Franklin were closer so I could get to your class more easily! :-) We are still working on the exercises we learned in Communications though! And Steeler doesn't even care about Solo (the briard) any more!!!!! They can be hanging out almost side by side now.

  4. Thanks Lisa! I think we are getting there! I am glad you think it looks like Steeler is having fun too.... sometimes I worry about that. :-) I think Steeler can be a sensitive little guy sometimes - even though he will work endlessly for me - so I am working on keeping everything upbeat and fun.

  5. Nice job Jenn! I don't train for distance much anymore, but agree it's nice to have! :)

  6. LOL - from the last video of Peyton it looks like you have plenty of distance from him while running ....