Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crazy week!

It's been a crazy kind of week. First the speedometer on the van died again on my way home last Saturday night. That scrapped my plans for Sunday that I had been looking forward to. So I dropped the van off at Sullivan Tire near work Monday morning to have them take a look. I was really hoping that it would be a matter of some loose wires since I knew that the computer was going to need to be replaced. Well Monday they called and said that everything going on was tied to the computer and there wasn't anything they could do. The car had to go visit the dealer. UGH! That was going to be difficult enough since when the speedometer dies the car goes into Safety Mode and it won't go any faster than 35 miles an hour. That means no highway driving ... and the nearest dealer was at least 30 minutes away on the highway. So obviously this was not making me happy. I go to pick up the car and see a note about the exhaust leaking. Ummmm ... you guys were supposed to have replaced the exhaust in May - why is it leaking????? So the tech goes out and crawls under my car again - guess what THEY NEVER REPLACED IT! On one hand I am horrified, but on the other - since I decided that I really just needed a more reliable vehicle I am kind of glad that they did not replace it. Now I will get that money back. So after much debate I ended up buying a 2008 Forester. It sure is nice to be able to go faster than 35 mph. All the stuff that was in the van is now piled in the entry way so I have a bit of organizing and cleaning to do.

We never made obedience class last week but we did make it to agility class on Wednesday night. We were working on "go outs" and Steeler did really well. I really need to find the battery charger for the camera so I can go back to getting some video!

Today we went down to Rhode Island for an agility Match. Steeler did really well. We got there about 2:30ish and hung out for a while with Lisa and Bob. Met Kelly who also trains with Catie. I get pretty stressed out about Steeler's behavior sometimes and Lisa was there to remind me that he is just a normal dog. But I still asked Lisa and Bob to stand at either ring entrance just in case! His first run was pretty distracted. He really needs to check out the environment in new places. But he is definitely getting a bit better about that. He didn't try to leave the ring but he did have to say hi to the ring crew. I was able to get him back and working. Then his second and third runs were GREAT! No visiting the ring crew or checking out other stuff. Lisa was kind enough to video - so hopefully I will get those this week. Steeler is now napping on the bed. Tomorrow is going to be cleaning day. (YUCK!)

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