Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Steeler was given a new nickname Monday night at obedience class. His buddies are now calling him "Crash"

I can't wait till his stitches come out! We did go to obedience class last night though. We mostly just worked on some heeling, recalls and Stays. He still has a little bit of trouble with one 8 month old puppy in the class - but he is getting better and better every week. So it was a good class for not putting to much stress on his left front leg. The other incisions look great ... but that left front he definitely did a number on. Poor boy. On top of that he is ITCHY ITCHY. *sigh* I am guessing that the kibble I tried for the week I was gone is the culprit ..., or maybe a delayed stress reaction? At the moment he is crashed out next to me though and not chewing on his feet anymore. Hopefully going back on raw will get the itchies back under control. For the past couple of months we had been doing a really strict no grain, no dairy and no root veggies diet and his feet were doing GREAT! The kibble was no grain - but one I hadn't used before.

On Sunday we were up in Westford at the agility trial to watch some friends compete. Steeler was an awesome boy! He made a couple of new friends, and didn't react much to the ridgeback that lunged at him - he just looked at me .... "Did you see that? Where's my cookie!" It was great to see old friends that I haven't seen in a while! Steeler was even polite to a friends 5 month old puppy! What a good dog!

Tomorrow night is agility class .... and I think Steeler needs another week to heel before we are doing a lot of running and jumping. *sigh* I will probably go help set up and then work him in the obedience for agility class - that won't be too taxing for him. Thursday there is nothing on the calender and then Friday we are going to a Rally Training party. And then I will have survived the week at work. :-)


  1. While what happened is super scary - it is a cute nickname!! with a story behind it to boot.

  2. Jenn you totally could have brought raw to my house and I would have kept him on it. I have a freezer in the basement and feed Niche raw. It would have been no problem! Hope "Crash's" feet stop itching soon :-)

  3. Katrin - I would have but I didn't feel like doing all the packaging. I was being lazy. And in the past he had done kibble at my folks house ... just not that particular one. Oh well ... maybe next time I will bring raw. (assuming you would actually take him again hahahahaha)