Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

Holy Cow .... how on earth did it get to be 2010???? It seems like only a year or two ago that we were saying - Wow can you believe it is the year 2000? I had the last two weeks of the year off this year and I didn't do half or even a quarter of what I thought I would get done. I did get in an obedience lesson for Steeler and some training time with our friends Karen and Ruffi. Other than that I spent some time with Family, took my niece to see a movie and out for dessert at the Melting Pot for her birthday. My brother was kind enough to load my snow blower (that my dad was kind enough and smart enough to fix!) into his truck and bring it back to my house. Good thing too because we got a lot of snow Sat/Sun! The spotty dogs are not that thrilled with the snow, especially Logan. Keegan though is perfectly happy to be hanging outside.

I think I need to decide on some training goals for the Steeler pup this year and try to make a plan of how I want to get to where ever it is that I decide to go! (how's that for convoluted!)

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and here's to a happy and healthy 2010!

Here's a couple of snowy pictures - Kim do these make you feel any warmer?????  I'll have to get some current snaps so you can see how much snow we have now!  :-)


  1. Happy 2010 Jenn! Hope you have a great year!

  2. Buuuuuurrrrrrrr! Sorry, I don't feel any warmer though. :)

  3. Happy New Year to you all, too! We have some pretty good snow here in Pittsburgh, so let me know if you find a way to warm Kim up...I could use it, too!! It was 7 degrees when we left for our agility trial on Sunday morning. Brrrr!

  4. Look, it's a reverse Dalmatian! heehee