Friday, January 29, 2010


OK- the barking when I come home is starting to bother me again.  Susan Garrets blog has recently been discussing barking which started me thinking I should really work on the barking frenzy that Steeler has when I come home.  I have tried (and obviously not succeeded!) to make departures and arrivals non-events.  I have tried different set ups, crates in different areas, dogs separated and dogs together.  NOTHING seems to make it any better.  On the other hand nothing makes it any worse either.

I know I should try to not enter the house when they are barking - but Logan needs to go out as soon as I get home or she will pee in her crate.  She just drinks water like there is no tomorrow.  She's almost 12 - I just think that she shouldn't have to wait to go out.  And she is usually quiet once I get through the door.  Keegan is not too bad - he has a high pitched bark - but usually he is quiet when I ask.  Steeler though is a NUT.  Here is a video of what happens when I come home.

Here is what it looked like in January 2008 .....

And here it is in January 2010! Clearly we have not made much progress.

I know there is not going to be a magic answer - though I certainly wish someone could wave their magic wand and fix this. Katrin once suggested I try to drop cookies into their crates when I come in - that seems to have worked well for Logan. :-) I will happily entertain any other suggestions people have!


  1. Oh my....that was a little blair witch like! I think I'm dizzy. :)

    Do you have a manners minder? I was thinking maybe you could put it on top of the crate and then as soon as you walk in the door you can start treat dispensing.

    Just a thought...that's (thankfully) one problem I don't have!

  2. LOl does that mean i have an alternative career in film making?

    I do have a manner's minder (actually a treat n train - the old version) I should dig it out and give that a try ...

  3. If you figure it out let me know... my older Cardi Traum can be TERRIBLE about fits when I come home. It's usually when he has to pee, but man, it doesn't make me want to let him out of the box!! *G*