Sunday, April 12, 2009

Response to Comments

Ok - Since I am still figuring things out I thought I would respond to the comments ... It is great to hear from all of you!

Kim - you will have to fill me in on the other spotty blogs that I should check out! I thought it was funny that you are already following Tess and Jazz - Jazz is a half sister to Steeler! :-) And Gambit is Steeler's sister! I love all of your pictures too! If I were in FL you would be doing my photos for sure!!!!

Kathy - Great to hear from you! I heard you ran into my obedience trainer (Esther Zimmerman) at either the Clicker Expo or the APDT conference in KY (I can't remember which) - talk about a small world! I've been following Joey's accomplishments via LaDonna's blog page. Steeler is doing pretty well with obedience and rally - at least run thru wise. I just need to get over my anxiety with Stays and then I think we will be ready! In Nov we did a pre-novice run at a real trial and Steeler actually did pretty well - we wouldn't have qualified because his heeling was not great - but he held his Stays which was all I was really worried about.

Lisa - I love checking out your blog! But I can't let Steeler see all the things that he is missing out on! Unfortunately the easter bunny did not show up for him today. But he did get a new tug toy yesterday for being such a good boy! I've been taking him to trials since he was a pup. Not quite as often as I did with Keegan - but enough so that I think that he is pretty familar with that environment. It is my nerves that cause our problems. There is a B Match coming up in June in Maine that we will be going to as well ... Oh and some NADAC fun runs are coming up this month as well. Oh boy!!!!

Jules - Thanks for helping me get started! Now if I can just figure out how to add pictures and stuff. LOL This is looking like it could be addictive!


  1. Love the new blog Jenn, It will be fun to follow along as you and Steeler get ready to compete.I have faith in you both. LaDonna

  2. Thanks Jenn! Doesn't seem like there are many spotty blogs out there, but the few I follow can be found in my profile...and of course Tess & Jazz rock! :)

    Looking forward to some great posts! If you need help with uploading pictures or anything just shoot me an e-mail. :)

  3. Hi Jenn,
    Blogs are a lot of fun to follow and to do. It will be fun watching Steeler.