Saturday, April 11, 2009

A first post

This is my training blog - hopefully to help keep me on track with my training plans for Steeler. I tend to write like I talk - so consider yourself warned. :-) Steeler is my 3 year old dalmatian. I also have an 11 year old Dal girl named Logan, and a 9 year old lab named Keegan. I've done agility and obedience with the Logan and Keegan - though I have to say that Logan really hated obedience class. :-) Of course those were the days before I completely "crossed over" to clicker training. Logan and Keegan are mostly retired these days. They do a bit of training here and there - but mostly they get to do whatever they feel like doing. So this is likely to be 99.9% about Steeler.

Steeler has been a challenge in many ways ... mostly of my own doing unfortunately. But we are working on those issues and we have both come a long way since his adolescence. I hope you enjoy our tales. :-)

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