Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long Weekend!

Steeler and I spent the weekend at the Denise Fenzi Seminar.  I am EXHAUSTED!  But so excited to try some new things with Steeler.  There are a few people that I would always go see - even if I had seen them a few months ago, because I think I could walk away with something new every time.  Kathy Sdao is one, Patricia McConnell is another ... and definitely Denise Fenzi has been added to that list!  If you ever get a chance to see her - GO!!!  It is well worth the time and money. 

More to follow later - I am working on getting my notes on the computer so that I will be able to actually read them again when I want to go back and look at things.  I will try to get a review up ... unlike the review for the Kathy Sdao seminar that I did last summer that is still in edit mode!  She was incredible too! I need more usable hours in my day.


  1. Denise Fenzi is coming to our area in the fall, but working spots are filled. Maybe I'll look into auditing.

    Let me know how that "more usable hours" thing goes for you. I haven't figured it out yet!!!!

  2. Even auditing would be worth the money in my opinion. She has some great ideas, and I am sure you would get some valuable info just from watching other people work their dogs as well.

    Still looking for those hours ....