Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Obedience Title for Steeler.....

What a weekend Steeler and I had!  Steeler and I competed in the first CDSP Obedience trial in New England this weekend.  4 trials over 2 days!  Steeler was entered in Novice B because we have Rally titles in AKC and APDT.  The Novice A class is for DOGS (not handlers) that do not have any obedience or rally titles in other venues.  Competitors can continue to compete in the Novice C class after they earn their title.  If you qualify 10 times with scores of 185 or better you earn your Novice Championship (CD-CCH).  I had a great time this weekend, and I think Steeler had fun too.  He earned his CD-C in 3 straight efforts with scores of 197.5, 199, and 196.5.  For the last trial I moved him to the Novice C class since he is not quite ready for the open class yet.  In his Nov C class he scored a 198 - and earned High in Trial!  Go Steeler!!!!!  Needless to say I am still smiling when I think about how well he did this weekend. 

This is the second trial!

Here is run #3

And his first Novice C run!

As you can see from the video's - CDSP is similar to AKC obedience with some changes.  In Novice, the exercises are:

- heel on leash
- Figure 8 off leash
- Stand for exam
- Recall over the high jump
- Honor Stay (you choose Sit or Down for the next dogs heeling pattern)

Now I am more motivated to actually train the Open exercises more!


  1. Way to go, Jenn and Steeler! NICE runs! Looks like a fun venue to compete in. Wish we had some CDSP trials around here.

  2. It's a great venue to compete in. At least the crowd up this way is awlays so happy for everyone that competes.

    Anyone can host a trial .... LOL - you just need a lot of help! Somehow I have gotten ropped into being chief steward for our trial in November.