Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunday Agility Match

Life is crazy as usual - but on Sunday I took a break from all the packing and took Steeler to an agility match at the barn.  He did pretty well!  I am working on conquering some of my superstitions.  First - he ran NAKED!  And second I actually had him jump 24 inches first.  I am not sure what I was thinking - but we did 4 runs!  2 at 24 in and 2 at 20 inches.  One thing I really need to remember - if I leave the inhaler in the car in the winter - it doesn't work so well when I need to use it.  Oh and for the first time I didn't walk in and automatically walk the novice course!  And I didn't have them close the gates completely.  So I think we are making lots of improvement!  Or should I say that I am making lots of improvement!  :-)  We worked on the open course which had lots of wraps!  I left the audio in for your entertainment.  :-)  Now we are going to start working on SPEED!  Oh boy!

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