Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Saturday for Steeler!

Saturday was a busy day for the Steeler pup! First we met Ann and Matteo at PetsMart. Ann is dog sitting for Matteo a Lagotto Romagnolo. The store was Busy Busy Busy!!!! While we were there the puppy class got out and paraded by Steeler. And then there were the adolescent dogs that were there for the next class ... Lots of dog traffic and barking ... and lots of people too. Steeler did GREAT! Totally able to hang onto his brain and function. No snarking at any dogs that got close enough to stick their nose in his butt ... and the puppies were no big deal.

Then we went to a park in Braintree just down the street from the store. It has trails in the woods and a paved bike trail/walking trail. It was a really nice place to take the dogs for a walk. We ran into a couple of dogs - but at a distance. Lots of runners and bikers though. Again - Steeler was AWESOME! He only barked a bit at a dog that was tied to a tree while we were talking to her owner. I was hoping for a spot where the dogs could swim - but the water looked really mucky.

Then we went to Ann's for lunch ... first we let Steeler and Matteo play in the back yard for a few minutes. I only had one tense moment when the play got a little more rambunctious than I was comfortable with and Steeler had to tell Matteo to take it easy. Took the dogs inside where they settled while we had lunch. Even spent some time working on Steeler settling in a crate. :-)

THEN - we went to see the horses. Steeler has decided that horse are really not a big deal any more. Even the two horses that were loose (well one horse and one pony) for a while were ok.

Steeler was exhausted last night! Here's a clip from our visit to the barn!


  1. Looks like Steeler did really well at the barn, Jenn. Next thing you know, you'll be joining me and Jazz for a Road Trial!!!

  2. Wow! That is a very full day. It sounds like Steeler was a very good boy!

  3. @Lisa - He did great! I would love to do a road trial with him! And I think I might actually be able to at some point - The barn where Ann is keeping her horses is really pretty cool about letting us bring the dogs!

    @Jules - Steeler was indeed a VERY good boy!