Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Dog?

Ok - really I have only myself to blame here ....

Left my chicken in the crock pot on the counter when I took Steeler to agility class. Left Keegan in the dining room behind the baby gate. Any guesses on where this is going? LOL Keegan was NOT behind the baby gate when I got home. And my chicken was NOT in the crock pot! *sigh* At least he didn't break the crock pot this time.


  1. Hmmm...stuff in the crock pot DOES smell really good while it's cooking. How in the world does Keegan manage to snatch the goodies and not get burnt? You do have to give him points for ingenuity!

  2. yeah ...bad Jenn is right!

    Lisa - I had turned it off when I got home so it had cooled some. He left it alone ALL DAY so I thought an hour or so while I was at class with Steeler would be ok.

  3. Maybe Keegan just figured that if Steeler is getting treats at class, then he could have one at home! LOL!