Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nina Ottosson dog toys

I've been curious about the Nina Ottosson interactive dog toys for a while. But the budget didn't really allow for a dog toy that expensive. :-) Thanks to Kim and Peyton, Steeler got to try his hand at the Brick toy.

of course Logan wanted in on this game too. Logan and Steeler (and Keegan too) say thanks to their favorite spotty agility dog in FL.  Thanks Kim!  You and Peyton rock!


  1. Yay! Steeler is going to be an expert problem solver in no time...fun! :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Tess and Jazz have the Tornado game, and they have a blast with it. For a less expensive alternative to Nina Ottosson toys, try AiKiou (pronounced "IQ"). It's really meant to be a dog bowl to slow down fast eaters (which is why we bought it for Tess), but it turns out to be a wonderful interactive game, too!

  3. hmmmmm Steeler as a expert problem solver..... that could lead to all kinds of things I think! Not sure if that is good thing. :-)

    Thanks for the tip Lisa - found the AiKiou on Clean Run!

  4. I'd not seen these. Looks like I should try one for our Labs...

  5. In fact the Aïkiou was first designed to be a daily game to entertain the dogs. the fact that it helps slowing down dogs is kind of a bonus. the reason behind it all is that we were looking for a way to occupy our dogs and prevent unwanted behavior by having an alternative to chair chewing and every other bad behaviour. And since dogs are by nature appealed by the fact that they have to search for their food. But I'm really happy that you like it and most of all that you dog loves it.

    Thank you,